We understand that a private school education is a very big investment for most families and we thank you for considering Fountain College for your child/children. In addition to our scholarships, we also offer the following opportunities to help support our families.

From Kindergarten to Year 6, the annual fee is $1,400.

From Year 7 to Year 12, the annual fee is $1,850.

At Fountain College, invoices are issued yearly. Discounts are as follows.

  • Full Upfront Payment: 10% discount applies to upfront payment of full tuition fee for children of all year levels before the 1st of March. Please note that after this date, the 10% discount is not applicable for upfront payments of new enrolments during the year.
  • Direct Debit: 7% discount also applies to this method of payment. Amounts are calculated to be completed before the end of the academic year.

Sibling Discount: The following tuition fee discounts will apply to families with more than one child attending Fountain College:

  • Second Child               20% discount,
  • Third Child                  50% discount,
  • Fourth Child                FREE.

Please note that the child in the highest year level will always be treated as the first child. Second highest as the second child and so on. Please also note that sibling discount is not applicable to Bus & Resource Fees.