International Students

Perth Situated on the West Coast of Australia, Perth has a population of over 2,000,000 people and enjoys a warm climate, is a safe and clean city with a growing multi-cultural outlook.

There are a multitude of activities and social opportunities to take part in, and there is access to health, education, transport and excellent personal safety. Cost of living standards are similar to other cities in Australia.

For more information about Perth, please visit the following websites:

Fountain College caters to international students who wish to enrol in Primary & Secondary School education from Years Pre-Primary to 12 in Western Australia. The school has a commitment to diversity and acceptance to people from any background and culture, and strives to provide a quality education for its students.

With its dedicated staff and excellent facilities, Fountain aims to give its students every opportunity to succeed in their chosen pathways.

The process to become a student at Fountain College is:

  1. Make an enquiry to [email protected] or by calling the school office.
  2. Fill out an enrolment form. Pay  the application fee (AU $200)
  3. Attend an online interview. At this stage English language proficiency, welfare and accommodation arrangements will also be discussed.
  4. An offer letter will be made available.
  5. Pay %50 of the fees and the enrolment bond. Welfare and accommodation agreements will be finalized at this stage.
  6. A CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) will be issued. After this stage you may apply for a visa.
  7. Get OSHC (Overseas Students Health Cover) from a health insurance company.
  8. Apply for a student visa (subclass 500) and if necessary a parent/guardian visa (subclass 590). You may do this either online at or via a migration agent. Please note that Fountain College cannot assist with the visa application.
  9. Once the visa is granted, we will discuss to arrange orientation for the smoothest commencement into Fountain College.
  • School: Fountain College
  • CRICOS Provider Number: 03370E
  • CRICOS Course Code Primary Years PP-6: 094089G   (Lynwood & Ferndale Campus)
  • CRICOS Course Code Secondary Education Years 7-10: 094088J   (Ferndale Campus)
  • CRICOS Course Code Senior Secondary Certificate of Education Years 11-12: 082251B  (Ferndale Campus)

Useful Links and Information

Handbook for International Students

Enrolment Form for International Students

Student and Parent Handbook

Provider Transfer – Request for Letter of Release Form

Compliance Checklist for Marketing Materials


Accommodation and Welfare Policy

Admissions Policy

Complaints and Appeals Policy

Critical Incident Policy

Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation Policy

Marketing Policy

Student Progress Policy

Student Transfer Policy

Refund Policy

Fees for CRICOS Students:

Year Level Tuition Fees Other Fees
Pre-Primary to Year 6 $16,700 For uniform fees, please talk to the office. The resource fees are in the booklist.
Year 7 to Year 10 $20,100
Year 11 to Year 12 $21,100