Fountain College offers financial assistance to students and their families through a wide variety of scholarships.

Financial assistance can be provided through two means: bursaries or scholarships.


Bursaries, at the school’s and board’s discretion, are offered to families who may be struggling financially.

To apply for a bursary, a form must be completed and returned to the office.

To ask for a form, please contact the front office.


Scholarships are given to students based on academic merit. Scholarships are handed out to students at the end of each academic year. Scholarships are offered to students with academic excellence who are entering any year level between Year 7-12.

The scholarship breakdown is as follows:

  Entering Year 7-11 Entering Year 12*
 100% Scholarship  Overall average above 90  Overall average above 75
 50% Scholarship  Overall average between 85 – 89.9  Overall average between 70-74.9
 25% Scholarship  Overall average between 80 – 84.9  Overall average between  65 – 69.9

* The overall requirement is lower for Year 12 since the standard is much higher for Year 11 subjects.

Fountain College also provides a small monetary prize for students who achieve academic excellence. Students who receive a 100%, 50% or 25% scholarship will receive a $300, $200 or $100 gift card from school.